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Baja California Sur Los Barriles

These campsites are perfect for those looking for a unique and authentic camping experience. For those seeking a more luxurious stay, there are plenty of RV parks in the area that can accommodate your needs.


Looking for a beachside camping experience? Here are some locations where you can fall asleep to the sound of crashing waves and wake up to the stunning sunrise over the ocean.

As these are free sites, there will be limited facilities available, so please make sure to pack accordingly for a comfortable stay.


The second arroyo (dry river bed) north of Los Barriles, next to the RV park Playa Norte. 

*Kitesurfing hotspot

GPS 23.70356, -109.70179

South Pescadero Beach

A rocky and sandy beach about a 30 minute coastal drive north of Los Barriles.

GPS 23.76783, -109.71102

Bahia De Los Muertos

Camping in the restaurant 1535 parking lot, an amazing bay with lots of local fisherman activity.

GPS 23.99374, -109.82672

La Ribera Public Beach

A beautiful beach with Portable toilets and outdoor spickets for showering, also a local hotspot with late night partying over the weekends.

GPS 23.59937, -109.57470

Punta Arena

A sandy beach by an abandoned lighthouse

GPS 23.55294, -109.46931

Playa Miramar

A quiet spot where turtles lay their eggs, camping close to the beach. 

GPS 23.49650, -109.46628


Want to experience the beauty and tranquility of the mountains? These mountainous camping locations offer a unique experience surrounded by cactus fields and red sunset hills.

Cascada Los Barriles

An easily accessible waterfall with a short non technical drive up the arroyo.

GPS Waterfall 1

Waterfall “Los compis”

A little further up the arroyo from the first waterfall, the drive becomes more technical and a 10 minute hike up to the waterfall.

GPS Waterfall 2

Rancho San Dionisio

A wonderful glamping spot for 250 pesos per night.

GPS 23.55867, -109.86533

Rancho Ecologico Sol de Mayo

Camping and waterfall access is 250 pesos per person per night.

GPS 23.49929, -109.79031

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